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Fl - 103 Type Automatic PCBA Lead Cutting Machine

lnput Power: 220V  50HZ Size: L1250*W1000*H1750MM Weight: 700KG


  • Product description
    • Commodity name: Fl - 103 Type Automatic PCBA Lead Cutting Machine
    • Commodity ID: 1122511449424023552

    lnput Power: 220V  50HZ Size: L1250*W1000*H1750MM Weight: 700KG


    lnput Power: 220V  50HZ
    Size: L1250*W1000*H1750MM
    Weight: 700KG
    Speed: Fastest : 0.5S



    • PCBA after waving soldering machine,soldering can't avoid the bad welding caused by the parts slanting and falling when passing through the furnace,so some parts of the component's foot length remains longer.Now the conventional practice is to arrange workers to cut short the longer lead ends with cutting nippers,this will cost labor and time, in addition, the quality depends on the seriousness of the operators.
    • FL-103 Type is divided into on-line and off-line PCBA automatic foot cutting machine , it is an auto equipment for cutting these lead length. After the equipment is placed in the wave soldering machine,Online the PCBA comes out of the wave soldering machine and flows directly into the flap mechanism of the equipment,after turning over the PCBA, the component's lead feet upwards,then through the precise positioning of the cut lead length , and finally turn over thePCBA and then flow out.For off-line PCBA lead cutting machine,the PCBA need to put into and pick up by manual.


    • The equipment adopts Human-Computer lnterace, WINDOWS system operation interace, by the high pixel CCD teaching edtig shearpath and can be modilid and sirulated step , the program is very simple and convenient, and can store up to 1000 groups of data to achieve the purpose of aling and using.
    • The linear motion axis of the equipment adopls AC servo system, which can effctively guaranee the shear acuracy and posilloring accuracy, and make the processing speed completely optimized and efficient operation.
    • Adopt the rotary air shear, it can set the best shear position for each lead feet.
    • The online machine uses lft in and rght outorightin and let out fow sequence.The ofHlie miachine adopls alteriale operation of two platforms toimprove the efficiency;
    • The cut lead is sucked away by vacuum cleaner to avoid spatter or residual board surface.
    • Standard shear range of each PCBAis 330*36OMM, beyond this range, it can be customized according to customer's requirements.
    • The unique low stress design can avoid pulling or vibration during the shearing proces, which will afect the quality of other components of PCBA .For extremely askew component legs, you need to straighten them by hand before shearing them.
    • The equipment has been widely used in many customer factories and the technology is fully mature.

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